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Cost Vs Profit

An IPL machine can pay for itself easily with just one customer a week. In fact salons can make some very large profits with just a few customers.

Looking at the costs first. You can lease a small basic IPL machine from under 20 per week although most full size machines for professional salon use are between 5,000 to 15,000. These can be leased at between 50 to 150 per week. Other costs will be your usual labour cost, and some small power costs. You may also want to do a training course, although it is not legaly required in the UK I do recommend it. Budget for about 500.

Now look at the profit. The following are some typical prices being charged by salons in UK.

Small areas; such as hair removal on upper lip, chin, cheekbones or hands, nasal blood vessels or large sunspots. 65 each, 350 for course of 6 treatments

Medium areas; such as hair removal on neck/upper lip and chin or bikini line, sunspots on chest, 100 each, 510 for course of 6 treatments

Full body treatment; Choice of 4 hair removals from thighs, lower legs, arms, bikini line and underarms. 440 each, 2200 for course of 6 treatments

So even at just one small treatment per week would result in gross fees of 65 x 52 weeks = 3380.

A typical salon doing an average of 20 medium treatments per week would result in gross fees of 100 x 20 x 52 weeks = 104,000.

A busy salon running the machine 8 hours a day would do substantialy more than that. It is easy to see that the gross profit potential of these machines is considerable.

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