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What IPL Machine to Buy

There is a wide range of IPL machines available worldwide. It is important to get a machine that does IPL and RF treatments. The combination of IPL and RF is often referred to as an E-light (or eLight) system. Most of them do both these days but check to make sure.

Then check the size of the machine as they come in two broad categories:

Home IPL machines - these are small and easy to use machines that you can use at home. No formal training is required as most machines come with easy to follow instructions. An example of a good home IPL system is the Tria laser hair removal system.
TRIA is a 40w strength laser hair removal system for home use. TRIA is compact, hand-held and rechargeable, and harnesses advanced technology similar to what you would find in a medical professionalís office. TRIA makes laser hair removal / permanent hair reduction in the privacy of your own home possible. The Tria will treat multiple hairs in a circular 1cm radius.

Mobile IPL machines - these can be easily carried by one person so are suitable for mobile salons and beauty therapists so they can treat people in their own homes.

Full size IPL machines - these are larger machines that stand about 80cm high for use in a salon or treatment room. They are too heavy to easily carry but are on wheels (unlike the mobile machines which have no wheels) so can be moved around the room.

Then look at the specifications of each machine to compare features such as:

  • Number of wands; one may be sufficient but two wands will be more efficient.
  • Power output; 1000 watts is the standard minimum but extra power may produce better and quicker results.
  • Cooling system; Best option is a 3 way cooling system combination of air, water, and treatment head with semi-conductor cooling.
  • Lamp longevity; 100,000 pulses is the minimum standard you should look for.

Then consider warranty issues. If you are going to lease a machine for 5 years then I suggest you buy a machine with a 5 year warranty...its just good business sense.

Then consider price. Obviously the lower the cost of the machine the quicker you can make a profit from it.

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